Modern Kabuki Themed Kimono Fashion Photoshoot!

I have been having all the fun at the fair with my recent kimono shoot! Are these not fab! Head over to Eclectic Kimono to see the shoot in its full glory! Great news about these images too…they are FREE STOCK images. No monies just a credit needed.

Free Kimono Stock Image

Free Kimono Stock Image

MUA: Gemma Sutton
Wardrobe: Elizabeth Hitchins
Model: Jennifer Lee Moon MOT Models
Photographer: Sian Robertson
Retouch: Yunona Reznichenko

Kimono & Styling Update

I have been super busy with kimono shoots! With two more shoots in the pipework! Kimono is such a great medium that the shoots have been super effective.

Here is an example of what I have been up too:



Harajuku PortXColour (1)

Harajuku PortXColour (2)


rob rusty

You can find all credit and the rest of the images on my personal styling page : or my team website

New Kimono Buys & Gel Colours

I have not written in a while as my work life has exploded. I need to work in order to subsidise my nail & kimono stuff habit!

Gel of the Month:

Currently I am having a gel-affair with Artistic Colour Gloss and it is lasting well!

Two weeks in:


My kimono buying has been very boring:

A801 (3)


But I have done a bit of kimono-ing about!

kimono me

This was me pre-obi 🙂

Later on in the year when I have the time I will get back into blogging, but I am just so busy working!

OPI – 2014 Brazil Collection….just leave my bank account ALONE!

Just taken a peak at my trade emails from the UK OPI distributor and ALL 12 Brazil Collection Lacquer colours will be available in the gel.

The gelcolours will be:

Next Stop…The Bikini Zone
Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around
Taupe-less Beach
I São Paulo Over There
OPI Scores A Goal!
I Just Can’t Cope-acabana
Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?
Toucan Do It If You Try
Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
Red Hot Rio

OPI Brazil GelColor

We shall have a yellow and green in the OPI which is marvelous!

A England ‘Love is Enough’ Nail Polish Review

A friend of mine put me onto A England Nail Polish and I thought I would give it a bash.

Price & Website:

It is a more expensive polish at £9 a pop, but they do have a monthly deal at £6 and sets called ‘Harmonies‘ that come in at 3 for £19.50 and 2 for £15. When I paid for my order it was free shipping. My order was dispatched within 48hrs and I got my polish 2 days later.

Base & Top Coat:

A England have their own top & base coat which I don’t have, so for this review I used OPI Nail Envy & Essie Super Dooper Top Coat. Both of which I love.


I am CND Shellac trained so I basically use the same PEP as a Shellac Manicure. I do cuticle work, file to desired shape then use scrubfresh to cleanse the nail plate. You can also use Isopropyl alchohol (99%) or another brand of ‘gel cleanser’. I use Gellux Prep & Wipe sometimes too.

1. I prepared the nail as above.

2. Applied OPI Nail Envy and let dry for 10 minutes.

3. Applied 3 coats of colour with 10 minutes dry time in between.

4. Applied Essie Super Dooper and let dry for 10 minutes.

5. Sprayed with Avon Nail Freeze, as it is basically cuticle oil in spray format!

The brush and application of A England polishes is smooth and easy. My non dominate hand was easy enough to do.

A England Love is Enough

Finished Manicure

Colour & Coverage:

I needed three coats with this polish which is an olive colour with gold shimmer. It is shimmery enough for you to admire it at times.


I had this on for 4 days perfect. It probably would have lasted 5 if I didn’t assemble my spinning bike on the 4th day. I had a slight chip on my weakest nail so then it had to come off. So done properly you can get 4-5 days out of each mani, or maybe longer if you don’t type or bash your nails like I do.

A England Love is Enough Day 4

After 3 days and a better colour representation.

I am glad I purchased this polish, and will look to buy more of these polishes in the future. If you want to buy this shade, here is the direct link:

Happy New Year!

I know it is late but in my business you do a lot of sales activities in January to drum up the biz for the year. I have been doing calls, quotes and days out.

Apart from building my normal biz I have been re-stocking up on stuff for the kimono biz too as in previous posts.

Here are my latest purchases on the kimono side of things:

Obi for Dressing
Obi for Dressing

It is essential to have cool stuff that people want to wear!

I have also been developing my nail hobby. My final bit of training is this month. I shall start reviewing things as I purchase a LOT of nail stuff!

Do I have New Years Resolutions?

Yup! Better my Japanese and save for a new car! Also to get fit. I bought my OWN spinning bike in order to do this. It’s so much fun!