Breaking in Zori..ouch

OK, well I brought some really cheap silver 25cm tabi with plastic bottoms from Rakuten (£30 with EMS shipping inc) and I am currently wearing them round the office to break them in. A week walking round the office in them should do the trick and make them comfortable. I am hoping anyway as they are plastic and  ‘Primark’ quality but when the pricing for 25cm zori is so high and the UK pavements so unforgiving..I am inclined to be cheap 🙂

The ones in the picture are my more expensive zori that are a 25.5cm (a tad too big in Japanese terms, the ‘right size’ in European terms) but as I can only wear them with black and red kimono I chose some cheap silver zori as they will match pretty much everything.

I really wanted these ones : but $80 then shipping…just a little too high for me and trudging on knackered tarmac.

However these cheap ‘n’ cheerful zori are already starting the stretch and mould after just a morning so I have high hopes for their comfy-ness factor!

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