Clubbing Kitsuke for Heresy and Heelz

Outfit for Halloween. Red furisode, red n black obi and wig.Heresy and Heelz is coming up and I need to think kitsuke for the event. As its the last one of the year I think furisode is in order. Last time I went out in furisode I was sweltering (see main picture)…the shiro nuri didn’t help. However, that was Halloween and this is just a burlesque event.

So I was thinking of still wearing this furisode but instead of a full juban, just my hadajuban top to protect the kimono and an easy collar in polka dot black and white. No shiro nuri though as its too geisha, and I am just going as a girl in kimono and corset.
An 80's furisode which will become my queen of hearts piece..
I am going to wear my corset and cover it with my obiage as the main picture again as I liked that effect. It disguises the fact I have a corset on so I just look thinner 🙂

People said I was too ‘red’ on Halloween but with my normal black hair (re-dyed) and my favourite red/gold/black fukuro obi I think I will be OK.

Halloween at Eddies was a total bust as there was no alcohol (and it was the only night in 6 months that I had not driven clubbing so could drink) so I don’t think this outfit got a good enough boogie and I love red furisode as they are so show stopping.

My girls Lexi and Kerry are joining me and we are having our mini Christmas too like we have every year. I still need to formulate my Marie Antoinette kimono outfit but decided the kakeshita I chose for it was just too bulky and hot for clubbing, as it is covered in embroidery. I might change my mind though when I finally get myself a massive net underskirt.

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