Kimono De Jack November Meetup

Sitting in my child’s furisode that I call a bathrobe, I am reflecting on yesterdays events. Yesterday I decided that I would start to invest time in teleportation technology, testing it on myself, negating the fatal flaw of my molecules being mixed up and ending up a blob of meat at Camden town station. Why you ask? Because I spent a total of 9 hours travelling due to engineering works to be able to spend 3 hours with the girls at KDJ.

It didn’t start out well, the cats were against me going out so I had to throw up my kimono in the air and how it landed was how I was walking out the door. I ended up having 30 minutes to dress in two kimono.

So onto the ensemble anyway…black meisen kimono with white and red waffle style dots with a hint of blue in the middle. This is me with Hong and Isla in Camden, next to a horses head. There were at LOT of such items, stables market has changed since the last time I went, it is more vibrant but also more maze like!

This kimono is normally a tight fit but over a second kimono it opened up a bit much and I could not get a proper line. Two kimono are bulky, I might just invest in thermals for winter kimono outings!

We also went to a green tea bar and I had a green tea with strawberries and cream cocktail.

Then to a restaurant in which we were joined by another kimonoite…

(Photos by April)

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