Money Money Money…or lack thereof

OK, well to meet my saving targets it means a total spending ban for 12 months! That’s right, no spending on nice things for 12 whole months. However I have budgeted for a holiday to Cyprus, £50 a month kimono de jack budget and £6 per month for learning Japanese. Napster, Lovefilm and the gym are all budgeted for so its not like I will REALLY suffer. Or will I?

You have to remember I am a SHOPOHOLIC! Buying clothes, make up and shoes is a chronic obsession and I might DIE!!!!!

But with the recent wobbles in my husbands job situation and the economy getting decidedly worse month on month it will keep our lives stress free. Even if we don’t have a lot we will have enough to keep us entertained and happy.

However, if my eBay design and consultancy business does really well next year (new website coming 2011) I could be buying myself new kimono stuff by next July! I also get paid in Euro’s so I have set the conversion rate to 1.2E to £1 so if they rate is better than that I will also profit.

I sit here praying that our currently government will put a plaster over my countries debt and get people back into decent paid jobs (no minimum wage is NOT decent money unless the cost of living dramatically reduces)

Violin down….

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