New Years Resolutions…

I don’t normally bother, but this year I have eaten and spent to my hearts content and need to ‘clean up’ my body and bank account. Alex and I need a holiday and that involves money and wearing a bikini, neither of which are in my future currently.

I have a kimono ‘list’ of needs and currently it only has tabi and two new yukata for the summer on it. Maybe a kimono bra but loosing weight means no bust for me anyhow!

So in theory two yukata from my favourite yukata seller should set me back £100 max and tabi? A couple of pairs at about £7 each.

Can I keep to that meagre spend for the WHOLE of 2011 or will I go mad? I will run out of space if I don’t.

Diet….a long over due stone that’s been clinging to me needs to go. Why have I not lost weight? Gland problem? Metabolism problem? No. CAKE. Cake makes a girl fat. If you stop eating cake you will be thin.

So what will be the plus marks of such a thinning down? Well two yukata that have shrunk a bit in the wash will fit better and some of my more tight kimono will close with more room and I won’t have short obi issues with my hakata obi.

If I keep to my new years resolutions I will be thin and richer. I certainly have enough kimono for the next 12 months of kimono de jack, now I have places to go and wear kimono I need money to spend on travel and things!

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