Christmas Furisode Ensemble!

Outfit planning here! So Christmas day at my sister is going to be a kimono day, and boxing day at my mums is going to be a rockabilly day.

As this is a kimono blog, I will just give you a picture of the rockabilly style outfit and not bother to explain! This is from (photo copyright Miss Fortune © 2007 and also I really recommend the Scarlett fever jumpers) and the large sizes fit a small size 14 perfectly. I am going to get a cherry dress in the new year if they don’t sell out depending on how much xmas money I get :).

So to the KIMONO! Christmas day is a special day and because we shall have the aunties from both sides and my sisters family also I thought I would go with my favourite decorative furisode.

$40 Furisode!

This furisode has enough splendour and detail to keep the aunts intrigued and its a wonderful purple. Now, my collection lacks accessories. Something I want to solve but sadly, not in the next 12 months. Obi, obijime and obiage are my weaknesses. However, I do have a plainish gold, plain silver and white obi’s so they can go with pretty much ANYTHING! Which is why I have them. As I want a richness I will be donning my new favourite gold obi that cost around $6!
Yellow Gold Nagoya
It has very slight green, orange and purple tints so its perfect for this kimono. Now to the obiage and obijime. No pictures but I have chosen a lime green obiage, as the only other colours that would match that I have are purple and canary yellow. Both of which would dissipate and not pop out. So lime green it is and I have a matching obijime but also an orange one left out just incase it needs more on the day.

So now I am wondering about footwear. I was going to wear my heels but with all this snow? Zori or heels don’t really feel as thought they will survive (or I will survive) so it might have to be my purple and blue iron fist fug boots.

New Kimono Boots for long, wet and cold KDJ days...

So in essence, that’s my outfit. I only have one furisode juban and it already has a shibori print dark purple haneri sewn in so that’s what I will wear 🙂

I hope there will more some more kimono worn for Christmas day, and if your reading and not, please re-consider!

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