Finding cheap Nagajuban!

Well a friend of mind wants an inexpensive naga juban so I took a look at Rakuten for her and found these babies at £9!

This shop has loads of cut price goodies, lace tabi from £2.80, obi-jime at about the same price. But with Rakuten it is always about the shipping. EMS is expensive.

However, no so long ago they introduced air shipping for international trade and you can find the kimono related items with this link:

It is quite restricted currently, but a must if Rakuten wants to really trade abroad. UK customs take into account the shipping fee when collecting VAT and customs charges on the items. This makes it expensive. To be fair, if this was NOT the case I would be fine with EMS all the way 🙂

However, those Juban is Maiko red are very cheap even with EMS shipping at £11 🙂

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