Kimono and loosing weight!

Kimono are forgiving when it comes to the extra pound or two creeping on, but unfortunately their counterpart the obi is not.

However there are ways and means of wearing that shorter obi or if you have had a bit of a mad stint over christmas and widened your girth 🙂

Two tools I use are and obi clip and magic obi aid makura pillow similar to one I am selling on the right. Both of these secure the obi and allow for extra length.

The obi makura pillow combo also helps you tie elaborate obi bows that you can’t tie by yourself. The example shown was my first attempt at a tubby sparrow!

I reserve such creations for clubbing and formal occasions. The obi aid is also good for the normal taiko knot.

If you want to do a bunko obi, you might struggle with the length but you can try the obi clip. the top of the clip is shaped the way it is because the obi makura pillow sits at the top and it keeps it high.

Well there you go, so even if your not on a punishing diet all over Christmas like myself (loosing 2lb a week currently) and put on a few pounds, there are still ways and means of wearing that short obi!

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