Kimono Envy at Yo Sushi

After eating a hideously large bowl of edamame for lunch I remembered the tail end of kimono de jack last week. Dawn and I went to Yo Sushi in full KDJ get up and we were faced by one of the waitresses wearing a hideous silk kimono bathrobe with faux geisha style makeup.

You don’t know what one of those looks like?

Well even with ‘bathrobe kimonos’ you can have nice ones:

and the 99p ones you get off eBay which I can’t bring myself to feature.

This was the latter, although a nice gesture – in such a place (eating) a clingy satin robe probably should not be worn. As the description goes ‘as a stylish alternative to a dressing gown or bathrobe.’

Call me a kimono snob, but a bit of care and a nice yukata with obi would have done wonders in replacement.

Coming onto the kimono envy, before we had finished (within 30 minutes) she had removed all trace and looked rather sheepish.

Now…..I have been accused of cultural appropriation because I wear real kimono and sometimes goth it up (although no one has ever moaned about that side, only my traditional kitsuke!), let alone the image that the poor girl was probably unaware she was portraying.

Yo Sushi, make a kimono snob happy and give your staff guidelines on these things!


Where I buy yukata : – they have ALL you will need plus a few videos. As cheap as $39.99!

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