Kimono Related Cosplay – Marie Antoinette

OK, so this is the theme for my next outing. I think I will use it quite often, it combines kimono with dressing up. My other obsession.

So what do you need for this look?

1. Furisode or kakeshita kimono
2. Corset (underbust best)
3. Ringlet Wig (now I think vocaloid cosplay wigs are best, I got mine from COSPLAY-WIG
4. Cameo necklace
5. Cake hair accessories
6. Wedding net underskirt (hoopless as are you really gonna get it a taxi with a large hoop? Let alone going to the loo)
7. Pearl accessories

Numbers 4 and 5 are interchangeable, you need cameo for the French court essence and cake for the stereotype even though we all know she meant brioche.

So drop your kimono over your underskirt, scoop the collar around your shoulders, add lace if you wish to be more modest, wrap round a corset, add wig and accessories and your done.

Fancy shoes, gloves or adding a obi in a big bow will only make you more fabulous!

Adding a cameo and lace to the front of some plain shoes is cool, and something I shall do eventually, for now my sugar pink poodle shoes are fancy enough! This outfit is a project that needs a while to complete.

Frivolity is what Marie was all about, or so we are lead to believe. Unfortunately, frivolity is not on the cards for me in 2011 so this will be another slow growing project. It started last spring and I only really need to get the accessories.

Maybe time to sell on a few more bits to fund the project 🙂

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