My modern Kimono parcel…

has arrived, and the last of its kind until this time next year :sob:

Final kimono parcel for 12 months came today!

From the left:

1. Chess board kimono, synthetic fibre and super emo/goth
2. Weird dots/circles kimono, synthetic fibre and quite mod/60’s
3. Striped kimono, synthetic fibre and quite modern and stylish
4. Black based naga juban
5. Blue, Black, Polka Dotted, Bat motif fukuro obi, synthetic fibre again but will match two of the kimono

Not in the photo was a black obi-age and black with strawberries and ‘wooden ball ends obi-jime’. The entire thing with shipping (EMS) and customs charges cost me £400, and I love them.

I think I am going to keep on the synthetic modern gothic style kimono train as I have a lot of traditional silk garments and accessories. I want more cool modern accessories! Ahh wait…no spending…dammit.

Oh well, this lot will keep me entertained for a while!

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