Shipping Weights on Rakuten for Kimono

Transferring a few posts from my e-commerce blog:

Most sellers on Rakuten don’t tell you the shipping weight and for international trade this is essential for the shipping calculator function on the site. I have been getting questions about this so I will post some weights of items I often buy on Rakuten for comparisons sake.

However, I buy Kimono on Rakuten and related goods so this post will only serve a few people – Included are the prices too at time of going to press, and are shipping costs from Japan and Europe.

Standard Kimono: 800g (2400 yen/£18.11)
Furisode: 1200g (3250 yen/£24.54)
Kakeshita (Wedding furisode but often more padded and heavier): 1900g (4600 yen/£37.73)
Uchikake: 2900g (6200 yen/£46.81)
Cotton Yukata: 500g (1800 yen/£13.60)
Hanhaba Obi:300g (1500 yen/£11.30)
Maru/Fukuro Obi: 700g (2200 yen/£16.61)
Nagoya Obi:600g (2000 yen/£15.10)
Juban: 500g (1800 yen/£13.60)
Haori: 400g (1800 yen/£13.60)

Most average western clothing parcels come to about 200-300g which is £11-12 for 3/4 day shipping fully insured and tracked the whole way. For the same fully tracked service from UK to UK you will pay between £6 and £8 at the post office. As with all international trade, you need to figure the postage cost into the full cost of the item – but for me the unique range of items on Rakuten is the key. I can’t get what I really want anywhere else really.

This also pulls me to a point also, if I wanted to send a parcel to Japan (from the UK) with the same specification as EMS for a 500g parcel (£13.60 from Japan) I would have to pay £54. How silly is that? How can we expect to be a global trader if we have to pay that much for decent shipping abroad? We have to chance it with Royal Mail International Signed For which is £17.49 (takes around 2 weeks and the tracking is terrible really), and compensation for loss takes 4 months if your even lucky to get it…

Will privatisation of the Royal mail help our economy? I have a strong feeling of doom around the subject. I am a Royal Mail doom cookie at the best of times….

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