Getting friends into kimono, what you need….

OK, well when a friend asks me to help with a kimono set, they normally think you just need the kimono and obi. So here is a list of what a girl needs for a average kimono ensemble.

1. Kimono (duh!)

Green Iromuji

2. Obi

Purple Nagoya Obi

3. Obiage

pale yellow obiage

4. Obijime

Obijime Set $5

5. Obi makura


6. Obi ita


7. Juban with haneri

New Han eri sewn on today!

New Juban

8. Hadajuban (you can get away with not wearing this if your juban is synthetic)


9. Up to 5 koshi himo


10. 2 datejime


11. Eri Shin


For me Tabi and Geta/Zori are optional as quite often I wear boots.

This is what my average kimono ensemble entails. Start collecting!

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