Kimono Seasons February Red Blossom Plum – Crimson and Purple

Red FurisodeCarrying on the theme of seasons we get to Feb.

Well, I have plum blossom kimono and purple kimono, but together? I am not sure on the blossoms but this furisode seems to be my only option, coupled with a nice purple obi would suffice.

Or possibly this furisode? Is that the correct blossom I see on the left?

I don’t have any red ‘day’ kimono really, as they don’t seem to match the aesthetics in the UK and there are not a lot kicking around on the vintage circuit.

Red Furisode Kimono

So how about the UK? I speak on the seasons for Japan but how about on my native soil?

For February I would choose the snowdrop. Several gardens in the UK open specially in February for visitors to admire the blanket of white.

I missed a January recommendation, but I would say ferns and pheasants mean the start of the new year for me. Memories of a New Years Day walk in the woods from my childhood.
First Houmongi
This kimono motif was almost made for those memories, and its why I brought it.

For me this kimono means the new year and not pine.

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