Obsession, Indulgence, New beginnings – 2010 Reflection

Well, Happy 2011. I have all the increases in household expenditure down now in my budget, VAT increase, insurance increase, energy increase and well – not one bill will stay the same. On average per month my expenditure will rise by around £211 without adding anything new in 2011.

However, with my new years resolutions with indulgence of my main obsessions will cease temporarily to allow for these tight months ahead. So, what happened to me in 2010?

Well, at the beginning of the year I started up the UK branch of createyourtemplate and so this year has been about investment of money and time in forming a great business. I feel we have done well in 2010, and 2011 will be promising!

This year, my kimono obsession had peaked and now my collection is very wearable and my kitsuke skills greatly improved. Of course, fuelling my obsession is the Kimono De Jack movement in the UK and new friends to go with it 🙂

So I have spent a lot of money and time on my kimono skills and collection which I will be able to enjoy more and more next year.

2010 was a strange year, but it really has been the run up for a great 2011. So what do I have planned?

1. New business website launched and Channeladvisor Catalyst to increase business
2. Kitsuke stall at Kitacon
3. More kimono wearing and participation in Kimono de jack UK!
4. Learning Japanese
5. Back to jiu jitsu!

2011, will be a fun but still disciplined year. I feel I will learn a lot though my friends and business pursuits this year as I finally feel as though I am starting to grow up a little.

Anyway, some New Years eve kimono photos!

*photos by April.

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