My favourite kimono eBay seller taken over, and not in a good way…

My favourite kimono seller RyuJapan-99 has been taken over and his eBay sales have changed dramatically.

1. Their custom eBay ordering system fails quite frequently and you end up paying more shipping, or having your order missed completely.
2. Photos are really getting misleading and not depicting the item well, especially the condition. This is very important in vintage buying.
3. Customs value declared is higher than paid – very odd.
4. IG member are reporting terrible troubles with shipping, being sent the wrong item, overpaying etc

I have spent £100’s with these guys but now, I only really bid low on ending auctions to get something for a fiver (inc shipping). This is how it will stay.

I am investigating buying using Noppin for some things and the ever faithful Rakuten. I am at the stage in my collection where I am only interested in bits, obiage, obijime, han-eri (which mostly I make out of normal fabric) and the occasional obi.

This is very fortunate that I have a wonderful collection of kimono already and don’t feel the need for more.

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