Kimono Dressing at Kitacon PREVIEW!

We have been out in force, taking pictures of the kimono on offer at kitacon! Look at these beauties you can try on, these are only examples styles and we have more available but we thought we would try to give you a taster 🙂

Red Furisode

Green Furisode and Blue Furisode

Brown Furisode

Purple Flowers Furisode

Green Uchikake


Red Uchikake and Wedding Katsura

Heavy HikiFurisode/Kakeshita – we decided you could wear this as a coat over a kimono or with obi 🙂

So you will only get to wear these beauties at Kitacon 3! However, dependant on the success of the event we may be coming along to an event near you and also take private group bookings. We have many more kimono, colours and styles (not all furisode) with a wonderful array of modern and traditional obi with matching accessories.

Its so cheap to be dressed up and have a photo only £15! (£25 for wedding dress up) – we also have men’s sets 🙂

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