Kimono Shopping List and New Buys

This is just so I have a physical note of what I need next!

1. 2x Fake collar (spotted some cool ones cheap on Rakuten)
2. 2x Yukata
3. Purple/Pink Shibori Nagoya
4. Tsumugi Kimono

After that I am pretty much done buying kimono things. Maybe another kimono bra and a few more tabi as mine get worn out. I do at some point want to save for a synthetic Geisha stage kimono but that would be a ¬£500 investment that unless it will bring in money (used for dressing) I won’t do it.

My collection can’t get any bigger, my new rule is if I want a new kimono I have to sell off¬†items to make space. I sold 9 kimono and about 6 obi at kitacon so I have brought:

Ro Obijime/Obiage Set

And a Chidori Bag

The rest of the money made has been re-invested in stock to sell and also holiday money! I sold kimono that I was not wearing or were too short/small and invested in a few items I will probably now wear and use to death. I mean, those synthetic hitoe are going to be common kimono de jack pieces during spring matched with different accessories.

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