God Bless Rakuten for ‘Tosen’ and his 2000yen (£15) Yukata Sale

Oh yes, I needed yukata – most of the ones I wanted were between £40 and £70 but on buying elastic himo from a known seller ‘Tosen’ on Rakuten I saw many a yukata (and some exactly the same as the £50 ones…)

I brought things:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)


£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

and this one as it is so similar to one I saw for £70:

£15 Yukata for the summer (god bless rakuten)

for £15 each (not including shipping which was EMS)

Ok, I know – they are black based but I like them! Next month I might buy two more colourful ones and a synthetic gauze kimono from him if they are still nice and cheap. I wear my black based yukata all the time so I think I shall stick with them. I have 4 different coloured hakata hanhaba obi in green, yellow, blue and purple to brighten up my black yukata! I also have a purple/pink double sided one 🙂

Yukata are also great in the summer to wear with full obi and trimmings if you don’t have enough Ro/Gauze kimono.

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