Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri in Dusty Pink

Well I got her quite cheap (£60) but she is quite stained also even though the condition of the silk/kimono is almost perfect.

No rips or pulled threads noticed just it met with a sticky end with something dropped down it and slight red colouring where the obi goes.

Guess she wore it with a red obi!

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri

However photographed with flash and even in the flesh you don’t notice the stains over her majesty and beauty, and the obi covered the obi wear mark.

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri (2)

This is an otaiko variation, one which I hope to practise and be able to tie on myself successfully. I am currently only focusing on otaiko, a variation of, plump sparrow and bunko in my obi tying repertoire until I can do them blind folded! This is a soft maru obi.

There is no crest on this kimono so we can assume this was a casual kimono for less formal events and it is houmongi style. It might have even been reserved for meeting with other Geisha. It it hitoe so it is a spring/end of summer kimono but each square seems to have a different motif.

We have Chrysanthemums for the onset of autumn, maybe for an ‘indian summer’ feel? We have maple leaves and grasses which is also very autumn. However, we have pine also which is normally new year, bamboo leaves (autumn again) and what looks like sunflower (late summer)

However the pine is purple and fresh green so that could indicate late summer/onset of autumn. I am going for a September kimono classification 🙂

Ok she deserves more than my primark accessories but as I am just back from holiday and washing and putting stuff away I just used something at hand rather than getting out my stuff.

This is my second Geisha kimono, here is my first

I am currently focussing on Odori kimono and geisha kimono for my collection. I am not going down the maiko route even though I would love a darari obi and maiko hikizuri they would only be for love and display. I am too old to play at maiko but I do feel that Geisha kimono (especially this one) can be worn normally.

However, I need to replenish my yukata collection first with two new ones as two have now died the death. I have spotted 3 I like in my price range so will get one a month from June.

2 thoughts on “Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri in Dusty Pink”

  1. Hi! I’m not sure how well it would match, but you’d mentioned needing an obi with grapes for this one; I found one here: [ichiroya link]. The problem is that it’s a kind of dark blue, and depending on exactly *who* dark it is, it might not match at all- and photos sometimes lie about color. :S I thought I’d post the link anyway, just in case, since I was browsing here and recognized the hiki you want the September obi for.

    1. OOOh, I will bookmark this one and sleep on it. The hiki does have a bit of blue in it but it might cut the kimono in half if its quite dark. Thank you for the link, gives me hope! I did think I would be searching forever!

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