Purple Paper Crane Geisha Hikizuri Kimono

Well I am here again, Geisha hikizuri number 3 with paper cranes for good luck and hope.

Baka Hime in Purple Paper Crane Hikizuri

She is a superb deep purple and I couldn’t have wished for a more superb kimono and very wearable too. She is awase with a slightly padded hem and meant for dancin’

Baka Hime in Purple Paper Crane Hikizuri (2)

Otaiko variation again using my double sided maru obi, which also happens to be a twin! I have actually straightened up the top now as I didn’t realise it was so wrinkly, but you get the jist 🙂 I personally think this is the perfect obi for her as we are not constrained by season.

The kimono itself was quite expensive (for me that is, probably no so in hiki terms as the condition is excellent) but it was cheaper than my black susohiki and much more ‘fabulous’ in my terms. I would not have brought it if I didn’t think I already had a matching obi in my collection. However I am watching a similar obi with more detail as this might be nice. I like this obi too and I wear it quite a bit.

Surprisingly enough I am now skint and will be on a buying hiatus until July.

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