Fundraising for my time with PeaceBoat Japan…

Pulled from my dedicated blog:

Fundraising – Kimono Competition and Yukata Blog Auction!

OK, fundraising hat on again after a busy few weeks.

I was pointed to this article:

Officials have distributed plans of the homes, which will at last give refugees some privacy. Outside Kamaishi, workers have laid foundations, erected walls and installed pipes. Prime minister Naoto Kan has promised that all 125,000 evacuees will have a temporary home – which will be free for three years – by August’s O-Bon holiday. “We have a good chance in the lottery. They are giving priority to the elderly,” says 85-year-old geisha Chikano Fujima, who plays a tune on a shamisen -three-stringed instrument – donated by a geisha from Kyoto, earning applause from other refugees.

These kinds of articles re-enforce my reasons to go and add my own push to the spin of their world. They have lost their world.

So two things up and coming:

Yukata Blog Auction!











This is a 164cm NEW cotton yukata and a blog auction will be set up soon!

‘Win a Furisode’ – competition.


Entry will be £5 (you can enter as many times as you want as ALL money goes to the fundraising pot) and it will be for a silk furisode and I am just organising 2nd and maybe 3rd prizes too from my collection. I need a good sort out this weekend.

I will announce on facebook and my blogs when these start – however if you are donating ANYWAY you can of course ask to be included in the competition before it starts 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fundraising for my time with PeaceBoat Japan…”

  1. My husband’s uncle was a rescue leader working from his hospital in Ishinomaki directly after the tsunami hit. Contact me if you need to find out more before you arrive. Alternatively, I will be at Hyper Japan. Both myself and my 22 month old daughter will be dressed in wafuku.

    1. Wow! Thank you! Hopefully I will see you at HyperJapan at KDJ! I am running the fashion show so I am very unsure how much time we will have for fun at the event.

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