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Well, take a look: and help me with my MISSION!

Well, I have finally done it. A way to chart my fundraising progress, blog about the trip and thank everyone who donates. Sometimes you wonder what happens to money you donate to disaster relief funds, I know I do. However , this is a rare opportunity to directly donate money so I, a human who can individually chart the experience can volunteer to help with the mass clean up needed in Japan.

The trip will cost roughly £1200 and I am fundraising 50% of this cost and fronting the other 50% myself. Any extra donated to the cause will be used to directly benefit the people in evacuation centres that I meet and help on this trip.

Yes, Japan is a major power in the world but this disaster was more powerful. It will take years and volunteers are declining as time goes on. The media has forgotten the plight of the people in affected areas as it so often does when other news takes over.

So please help me on my journey and make a difference to real people in this very real situation. Maybe you are thinking of doing this yourself? Please let me know.

I plan to go to Japan late November, in the quiet period at work. I am using my own holiday leave for this trip, if your stuck for a trip away how about joining me?

Donate if you can 🙂

Please state if you want to be anonymous.

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