Kimono de Jack Stoke…

A picture or two. We had sushi demonstrations, samurai, calligraphy, ibuki, taiko drumming and nihon buyo dance, to the shamisen and o-koto (japanese harp).

and us lot in kimono:

Stoke doesn’t have any food venues so we ended up going to Subway of all places! Oh well I will get my Japanese food fix in Manchester this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Kimono de Jack Stoke…”

  1. Now, that’s an awesome backshot!
    Did you use an maru or an fukuro to pull this musubi? It looks fantastic.
    All of you do so of course in you lovely kimono. (^.^)

    1. This is Chie, a dancer from London..but from what I can tell its a fukuro. Chie is tiny though so someone like me with a more western figure might be better with a maru obi 🙂

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