Kimono Fashion Show at HyperJapan 2011!

Oh yeah…..we is on the website now!

Isla and I are running a kimono fashion show to promote kimono de jack.

Kimono De Jack Kimono Fashion Show at HYPER JAPAN

As a treat, two members of the Kimono De Jack group (Elizabeth Hitchins and Isla Wong) will be organising a fashion show showing kimono outfits from traditional to modern. This will be held on Saturday 23 July.

You can be part of the show by applying to be a kimono model.

We need six fantastic models to volunteer for our contemporary kimono fashion show! Make up, hair and footwear will be provided and you just need to wear a simple t-shirt and leggings. The winning applicants will gain free entry on Saturday and a surprise gift!

Applications must be received by Saturday 9th July 2011.

Our article is also part of their friday focus: Kimono, Tradition or Fashion?

So now, when fashion houses say that stripes are in this Autumn, you can look to increase your collection to include cool, silky, striped kimono. High fashion meets kimono!

Kimono are a vintage fashion explosion in all colours, patterns and motifs.

Whatever you consider ‘in’, you will find a kimono to complement the trend and you don’t have to listen to just the western fashion houses to tell you what’s hot, you can check out what is being seen in Tokyo, Kimono is it’s own art house.

Kimono-hime is a funky and fresh look on kimono fashion and you can see elements of the styles in the younger wearers at Kimono De Jack meetings in Japan. This is where you can see kimono fashion in all its glory, and keep up to date.

Be there or be square….

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