Kimono Eye Candy

Well, as I seem to have started doing demo’s, workshops and con based things I brought some lush kimono for demonstrations. Far to fancy/lush to wear out but they look great on a stage and for photos!

Fantastic Demo Hiki Furisode

Something I waited to come on sale $300 > $70

and again, something I waited for….

Maiko Cosplay Furisode...

Splendiferous kimono and great maiko cosplay kimono. Shame they will take 2 months to get to me.

I brought a series of cheap yukata sets also to use in workshops at Alcon in Leicester. I have been watching trinity blood recently so feel ready for an anime/cosplay convention. No idea what I will wear kimono wise. Probably yukata with Nagoya obi as I will be working all day!

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