Odori Obsession

Ok, I am still fixing the backlog of flickr images however I thought I would share my love of odori (dance) kimono with you! Two recent (in the last 6 months) synthetic ones I have obtained are:

Aquamarine Odori Kimono

This wonderful aquamarine kimono with terracotta, black, white and gold.

and a while back:

Odori Kimono Baka Hime (2)

This purple fiend.

I like odori kimono because they are mostly ‘cartoonish and bright’ as well as long and wide enough for a girl like me 🙂

I have one odori fan also:

Dance fan to match my purple odori kimono

I *DID* buy one to match the aquamarine kimono also however it has been re-assigned. I will get myself a nice gold odori fan at some point in the future if I see a good deal 🙂

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