Back from Japan…Arms full of Kimono Stuffs!

I didn’t have much time in Japan for shopping. My main aim was to volunteer which I will write my full report on very soon!


I got:

2 x Kimono books and the newest edition of Kera magazine.

Stripy Kimono and Obi which was a gift!

A gift for me for my volunteering time in Japan

Obiage from Harajuku:

Obiage bought from harajuku

Large posh zouri and matching bag in the box!

Zori and bag 24.5 cm

I also got a few han-eri as presents and a red obiage for myself.

I was also REALLY touristy and bought a brolly from one of the shrine shops in Asakusa.

My friend I was staying with also gifted a haori and 3 kimono bags. How lucky am I!

I will detail my time in Ishinomaki shortly as well as point you guys in directions to donate to people working on the ground there. As well as ways YOU can volunteer.

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