Kimono Challenge 6 – What I do and don’t like about kimono!

The challenge questions are:

1. How did you discover and get into kimono?
2. Your dearest kimono item(s).
3. Your most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.).
4. Your least used kimono item(s).
5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.
6. What do you like and don’t like about kimono.
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that…
8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).
9. Your biggest kimono fears.
10. Your biggest kimono inspiration.
11. Your kimono collection.
12. The evolution of your kitsuke.
13. Your special kimono memory.

Back onto this again now and I will also write more of my Ishinomaki report as I have 3 days left to cover 🙂

What DON’T I like?

Folding kimono. I hate it! I avoid it and hang up my kimono with a vague excuse to myself that I am airing them out before I out them away…..but in the end they do need to be folded. Grrrrr…….

In contrast, my boy cat Horatio (see the relevance of the cat image now?) loves folding kimono and bounces all over my efforts (for space I have to fold downstairs) which of course makes me mad and slows down the process!

What DO I like?

Everything else, it’s an obsession n’est-ce pas?

Specifically I like how thin it makes me feel. Over the last 4 years I have put on 2 stone (28lbs put on and currently 9lbs lost again and growing) but kimono doesn’t call you fat. It tells you how nice and elegant you look.
Take this photo from my holiday. Whenever I go away I suffer from IBS terribly and my belly looks as though I have swallowed a basketball, but in kimono you can’t tell:

Holiday Ro kimono

If you go up a dress size, your jeans stop fitting you. You didn’t realise you had put on that much weight, but your kimono will wrap around your woes and you can still go to the ball.

I can make kimono suit any occasion, any theme, any emotional state and any fluctuation in my weight.

Taking this from Naomi who has just started on this challenge too:

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2 thoughts on “Kimono Challenge 6 – What I do and don’t like about kimono!”

  1. Honestly, I love kimono for many of the same reasons. My metabolism is all kinds of messed up. I can go up or down by a stone a week. Which means I need two sets of clothes: one for “skinny” days, and one for “heavy” days. Very impractical. But in kimono, it doesn’t matter! In fact, not having a curve in at the waist helps with the wearing of kimono. >D

    The Japanese knew what happens when you have a really good meal, or if you have a kid, or anything else that can cause a person to gain or lose weight, and invented a type of clothing that handles it all. What practical people! Now if only I weren’t so lazy, I’d wear them every day… oh, the back support an obi can give… <3

    1. I am loosing weight but it is slow! However I have devised a way to wear obi that are too short for my middle also. There is ALWAYS a way.

      I try to wear kimono once a week as I get better and better with my kitsuke.

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