Kimono Hiatus…2 weeks in…

and I am already suffering! Oh my god! I see friends buying wonderful things and I want want want! How on earth am I going to manage for 12 months?

I know when I finally start sewing this weekend and making pretty collars it will give my ‘clicking fingers’ something to do other than shop online but still….¬†temptation¬†everywhere!

Since watching Sakuran again I really, really want a bright vintage uchikake softer than my big red thing:




and yuzen dyed. However I can neither afford to spend the money or have seen one that I want. I want a purple or dark green base colour.

And….I would so have nowhere to wear it. So no, I will not buy one. I don’t cosplay and it will live in a box.

I will prance around the house in my bulky red uchikake that I do love.


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