Starting the year sewing……

Sewing is something a kimono lover just has to deal with. From repairing kimono to fashioning unique accessories for you own style.

So today I made myself a ‘fake collar’ with red/white polkadot fabric and cherries in a dual sided fashion.

I have also cut out another rockabilly/kitch themed collar for sewing up soon.

I am not sure what to do with theĀ remainderĀ of the fabric, but I am wondering how a cotton obiage would fair in the same two way design. I would probably make it double sided using all 4 of the fabrics – however, then I could make a patchwork fukuro obi instead and find myself some cheap black cotton fabric for the underside.


4 thoughts on “Starting the year sewing……”

  1. I do love the double patterned collar! I was looking at this kimono sewing book yesterday and I was like I really must start so I can make kimono things out of funky fabrics…

    1. I am going to make tabi out of this fabric too and make kitch accessories! Been reading kimono hime far too much! Yumi Yamamoto books are good!

      1. You inspired me to start making tabi last night at 2am after browsing all the cute fabrics on rakuten. I get the pattern right and I`m sure I`ll be over run in tabi XD

        1. Jealous….I am still in collar making mode but tabi will follow. I have just brought some kitch Cath kidston fabric for more dual sided collars!


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