The joys of creating your own han eri….

I have been sewing today. One of the easiest things to kimono craft yourself. Even if you are really crap at sewing, you can still do this and it is a must have for kimono co-ordination.

Han eri are just a rectangle of fabric, 14cm by about 100cm. I have just stitched two contrasting bits of fabric 50cmx14cm together then (well currently pinned but it will be sewn by hand while I watch Sherlock tonight on the BBC) sewn on, tucking under the fabric for a smooth hem.

It doesn’t matter how bad your sewing is as the sewn part will be covered by kimono 🙂

Handmade han eri

This is made out of two Cath Kidston fat quarters. It’s expensive fabric so I only use it for collars.

The blue dotty matches my zori, so now I need to find the middle bits to go out kimono-ing next weekend!

Casual LL Zori


Edited to add…matching up with my dark pink obiage/obijime set:


Nice Dark Pink Set

Rose cotton fukuro obi…

Synthetic Fukuro Obi

and er….hmmmm…a kimono of some sorts….

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