Winter Themed Jiu Jitsu Snow Ball

Well I have a theme challenge ahead. On the 4th of February I am attending my regional jitsu ball which has a winter/snow theme. So I need to track back and stop ‘looking towards spring’ and look back to the winter.

My first item is my snow obi shown here with my geiko kimono :

Baka Hime In Kyoto Geiko Hikizuri (2)

So as it is a ball I need to think furisode! Taken from Immortal Geisha my winter themes are:

Plum, bamboo, pine combo
Snow covered bamboo
Snow covered pine
Bare trees
Bare branches

Hmmmm..crap, none of my furisode will match any of those themes.

I think I will just have to wear my purple floral furisode with blue accessories and my snow obi. Hopefully attendees will be too busy with the wow factor of my furisode to notice the lack of theme.

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