Birmingham (UK) Japanese Conversation Group

I was kinda jealous that my town didn’t have one so I started one.

Seen as though last night I was told at the Eiwakai Japanese Society meeting that Birmingham is recommended to Japanese university students as somewhere to study as it is a friendly and accepting place…I think it is a good idea.

Open to all and I apologise in advance for my toddler level Japanese…

As I said in the group note:

The Japanese Conversation group was started by 4 friends with varying degrees of Japanese Fluency.

Liz – A total newbie who can basically go round asking what everything is….

April – Who spent extended time in Japan but wanted a way to rekindle her skills.

Mike – Who has been learning for 4 years.

Dawn – Who teaches Japanese but wanted an avenue to practise outside the curriculum.

What this group is:

A meeting of Japanese speakers, whether all you can say is ‘Kore wa nan desu ka?’ (What is this? …. and someone will cheerfully answer) or converse about politics and popular culture.

Many of us buy Japanese magazines and books so there will be chances to practise some of your reading too.

We aim to meet once/twice a month at Woktastic in Birmingham UK (Paradise Circus) or a place you can get coffee and cake.

The meetings are free, however as we will meet at places of business be it sushi or latte it is ONLY polite to buy something. If we don’t we won’t have anywhere to meet. Menu’s prices will always be available so you know how much you will want to spend.

The meetings are open to all ages but if you are under 16 we ask you to bring an adult with you.

What this group is NOT:

This group is not a free way to learn Japanese. Please organise your own learning before hand and then PRACTISE it on unsuspecting members of the group. The aim of the group is to converse informally about things and build up everyone’s skills and confidence.

Please at least know how to introduce yourself before attending. (

Even though some members do teach Japanese for a living, the point of this group is that we don’t follow a curriculum.

This group is not a Manga/Anime or Japanese culture fan group, unless you are willing to discuss in Japanese. Checkout Eiwakai ( if you want a Japanese Culture fix without the language.

This group is not a study group for ANY exam. Please organise this with your school or tutor. However, feel free to bring your books, dictionaries etc to support you in your conversations.

Free Learning Resources – free trial and ‘lite’ version for PC and smart phone.

Need a tutor? Try here:

Want to learn formally in a class or even at degree level? Check here:

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  1. Please could you add 2 places to the booking for Friday at Woktastic (Tania + 1)? We are intending to come along, try to practice, and have tea. Thanks!

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