Kimono Challenge 9 – The FEAR!

The challenge questions are:

1. How did you discover and get into kimono?
2. Your dearest kimono item(s).
3. Your most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.).
4. Your least used kimono item(s).
5. Your favourite coordination(s) so far.
6. What do you like and don’t like about kimono.
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that…
8. Your dream kitsuke items (or at least items you really really want but can’t get for whatever reason).
9. Your biggest kimono fears.
10. Your biggest kimono inspiration.
11. Your kimono collection.
12. The evolution of your kitsuke.
13. Your special kimono memory.


Kimono fear is plain and simple, it affects all kimono wearers. It is the fear of RUIN.

Ruining your unique kimono beyond repair. I can deal with pulled seams or kimono just plain wearing out with use. But ruination….it cuts deep.

Deep I say.

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