Angura Kei – The genre of Visual Kei I seem to belong too….

I have loved VK fashion for years, ever since my friend went to visit her sister while we were in Uni (over 10 years ago) and brought back FRUiTS (which is how I dressed at the time, which back over this way was ‘cybergoth’ ) and other magazines.

However, I didn’t realise I fit into one of the sub genres still!

Goth + Kimono = Angura Kei in a sense.

My most Angura Kei outfits have been:

Goth Maiko for Halloween!

Kimono Hime

and more recently:

Rock club night out Oiran outfit

I think I might play to this genre more.

Angura Kei is Visual Kei with traditional Japanese costume so not exclusively kimono, but kimono makes up a large part of it.

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