Don’t be a Kimon-HO, be a Kimono Lady..

A friend on facebook (Kimiko) posted a note and I think it is worth an outside facebook mention of the key points:

Cut, fit and drape can make – or break – an outfit.

You are not wearing a sack, you are wearing a Kimono!

Unless you’re in yukata, a nagajuban, an eri’shin AND covered footcloths are required.

It’s all part of the system, they all have a real purpose or we wouldn’t bother natch 🙂

Cleavage (and boobage) are big no-nos.

Strap that chest down. Kimono are not meant for boobs.

Length is not always important, but appropriateness determines length. 

You wouldn’t wear a mini skirt to a formal black tie dinner. You would wear an evening dress. Treat kimono fashion the same.

Missing essentials ALWAYS are noticed. (Doesn’t mean you can’t improvise)

Belts for obijime, fabric for obiage – all the little accessories in kimono have a function to keep the outfit together and to cover workings. You kinda need all of them 🙂


However, remember kimono is EASY after a bit of practise and you can make or substitute most items. I started simply with a kimono and corset (for clubbing so suitable occasion wise) but then before I went out in kimono as day wear or posh wear I got all my accessories and a video to teach me to dress properly.

Even now if I want perfect kitsuke I dress with my video 🙂

Don’t be afraid to ask either, if you are coming to an event, ask one of the more experienced kitsuke attendees to help you dress or sort out alternative accessories. We often adjust and re-dress each other when we meet up.

Kimono looks better when done properly and it is a learning process. You can’t always do it on your own at first

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