Kimono De Jack at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Looking forward to Saturday:


So for KDJ March we are back in London again (sorry we will have some more up norf events next) to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum. Home to a wonderful selection of costume history including kimono 🙂

We will meet at the entrance to the museum at 11:30pm and the closest tube station is South Kensington.

Admission is FREE (yay) but please bring enough money for lunch if you want to join us. The average bill we aim for is about £15 and we might need a tube or bus trip to get to a suitable place.

For travel around London we recommend a £7 travel card which covers zone 1-2.

Because the weather has decided on that one day to cure our drought problems I will wear my purple synthetic kimono and not my posh kimono (which I wanted to wear as we are going to a museum)

It is also St Patricks day so I will co-ordinate something green in there.

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