Broken…my non buying promise

I lasted 4 months. I bought an obi from a friend at the weekend and now I have bought some key pieces for my collection on eBay.


Two purple casual obi:

Purple Nagoya Obi

Purple Hakata Nagoya Obi

and finally a wearable houmongi, synthetic and ‘tall’

Synthetic Houmongi Kimono

This is great for semi formal occasions where the risk of rain is high. This is also kinda traditional for me, and demure. Normally I am all for the bright or deep colours so this is my only ‘pale and interesting’ kimono.

The reason I have broken my promise is simple. I doubt I will be able to afford to volunteer this year. However I look at it the money isn’t there.


1. April 2013 is our big Japan holiday with lots of touristy fun
2. Payment on account has come into my life this year which means in the space of 12 months I pay 3 years tax so our government has more money to waste. This equates to double the amount I was saving for volunteering out of my cash flow for the next 12 months.
3. Bills. Everything has gone up and just living costs have risen £300 per month. £100 is fuel.

I am still saving though £100 a month so in 12 months I will have a pot ready to volunteer when I can get the time, but probably November 2013 or early 2014.

I am so glad I bit the bullet and went when I did 🙂

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