If I only went to the theatre….

No one bid against me on this synthetic houmongi, possibly due to the make up stained collar – however due to the synthetic nature of the beast it sponged right off.

So now I have an almost new posh kimono with a more traditional pattern for those more refined outings which I never have.

I decided in the event of an emergency visit to a place ladies are required to wear fake small slaughtered animals around their necks I would make sure I have a co-ordination sorted.


Posh glitzy bag and matching shoes required of course. AND I have a matching odori fan somewhere…


and the shoes…


Full outfit. I am still concerned it’s too bright for a posh occasion. I just can’t help being bright in my kitsuke. My skin is deathly pale so I always feel I will sink into my outfit if I don’t have lots of colour!

Indeed I need to dress my dolly (aka baka-hime) better but I am tired after a very busy day dying tabi:

Home dyed tabi!

T-shirts AND towels…as well as Japanese practise, making two cake type things (tarte au citron and a chocolate version) and household chores of a seemingly normal wife (which I don’t do very often, I must have had a funny turn this morning)

…and I fixed 4 drawers in my kimono chest of drawers that had given away under the weight of KIMONO!


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