More kimono collars…..and a bit of cheeky fan girl insert.

I know boring huh? But not to me! Over the bank holiday I finished my ‘velcro han-eri and fake collar’ system for lazy lazy kitsuke:

We have brown with forest cartoons:



monkey kimono collar!

and polka dots with spider lace…

handmade lace/Polkadots dual sided collar

I also made a wide fake collar for my pink kyoto hikizuri:


You might think I am boring with these collars but Loki is pleased:

What I wouldn’t give to get Tom Hiddleston into a kimono, I have one that will fit! (he is a similar height and build as my husband who will never let me dress him up, and looks a bit Loki-ish according to a few small children who point)

All men look good in real kimono. ALL OF THEM!

5 thoughts on “More kimono collars…..and a bit of cheeky fan girl insert.”

    1. The fake collar and han eri have velco so I can whip one off and replace with another with NO SEWING! So lazy!

  1. That is so smart! I keep forgetting what you mean with velcro. When I bought my first velcro datejime, I thought velcro was the fabric those datejime are made of, not the fastening thingie… Good idea!

  2. Your new han-eri look awesome; my favorite is the butterflies, but the funky monkeys look so cool too! xD

    Would you mind if I asked how you go about constructing them, particularly the placement of the velcro? I’ve been meaning to make myself a new tsuke-eri for AGES and had thought of adding velcro or snap-fasteners to make swapping han-eri easier, but I’m worried about the velcro making things too bulky and the stitches showing through on the eri and spoiling it a bit. I’ve got to do it soon as I have a lots of pretty fabrics piling up just waiting to be turned into han-eri!

    1. I am crazy busy with work till mid June but when I get some free time and make another collar out of some new gothy fabric I have I will take photos and de construct the method.


      This is a quick picture of the monkey collar being worn albeit the wrong way! I was very ill that day and kept wondering why my collar felt strange! This is what happens with having food poisoning, no sleep and no mirror!

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