Three more haneri made and obi plans!

Right well I had a bit of a sewing flurry and prepared 3 han eri for my velcro fake collar system and once the madness is over (possibly the bank holiday in June) I will add the velcro and close off my collar obsession for a while.


Dogs and Dots, Super goth with skulls and stars and stripes 🙂

My next project is a bigger investment. A 3.5m fukuro obi in cotton fabric. I already have one of these and I love it. However, it’s time I made my own!

I have some fabric from Ikea ready and will buy obi shin from Rakuten in the right size and thickness all ready for ease.

One side will be retro blue rose print and the other side retro patchwork, which admittedly will take more time but if I like the patchwork look then it makes obi making cheaper and more random. I will have to be cleaver with the patchwork and tailor it to my waistline and where I put my favourite fabric and the cheaper ‘filler’ patches.


The obi might be a test of patience as I can’t whip up an obi like I whip up han eri!

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