What celebrity/famous person do YOU want to get in kimono?

My fan girl moment made me wonder so comment and say who YOU would like to get in kimono and why.

My List is:

1. Tom Hiddleston (as Loki) as he would be such a badass as an evil manga/anime character in kimono.

2. Simon Pegg – because his suffering would be hilarious!

3. Brian Cox because he is so calm and you can imagine him in kimono, gazing at the star’s can’t you?

4. Milla Jovovich – because she is cool, quirky and looks fantastic in red.

5. My Husband – no he is not famous, however I feel he should give in at least once!


There you go 🙂 Who tops your list?

One thought on “What celebrity/famous person do YOU want to get in kimono?”

  1. Probably my guy friend, because he’s sooooo serious. Like, old-school Japanese formal photo serious. He might bitch about the fabric, but I think he’d secretly like wearing something that isn’t starched stiff and scratchy. 😛 And come on, Japanese male informal wear is the easiest thing to put on, and probably the most comfortable thing ever worn.

    Other than that… hn. Sato Hiroko. She already looks amazing. She’d probably be a bajillion times more amazing in some outlandish kimono getup.

    I can’t really think of too many people I’d dress that way, honestly…

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