Crafting up a Maiko Ensemble…

For years I have wanted a Maiko ensemble. Genuine stuff is too expensive NOT to wear so I am embarking on a mission to create my own funky maiko ensemble.

This will include:

1. Completion of a hitoe hikizuri from furisode that I have had tacked together for an age waiting to be sewn. With my hand sewing technique this will probably take me 12 months 🙂

My soon to be maiko hiki

This is June colours and I think motifs so I will need to plan a matching obi.

2. Maiko collar, obiage and obijime. For this I need red fabric with silver painted detail, possibly painted by myself and heavy embroidered white fabric. Curtain fabric maybe 🙂

3. Darari Obi. I am going to need some monster brocade/embroidered fabric for this and the patience to embroider my own mon (probably a cat face) on the end in a light colour with gold detailing.

4. Okobo – I shall buy these, they are about $100.

My inspiration is a memory of a maiko I saw on flickr once and can never find the photo again. She was in Jade green, with a white and gold obi walking down an ally in Kyoto.

Crafting my own outfit means I will wear it and not be so worried about destroying the genuine article.

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