Kimono Hiatus Part Deux…again maybe? Need to de-stash my tansu too!

Well after a brief respite it’s back to the hiatus, however my ‘in out’ rule still applies and I need to sell on some kimono so my collection does not out grow itself.

My collection is a working collection as I use it for photoshoots, workshops and displays but it still gets too big at times and needs a trim.

I have some kimono that were on the selling list bought back to work by being more ‘disposable kimono’ – kimono that can be abused more in photoshoots where foliage and sitting down is needed, as well as hired out for events. These are normally easy to clean, hardy, ex-hire kimono.

I find it strange for shoots and fashion shows that even though my collection is massive, to create the perfect styling it is necessary to put two peoples collections together. I think it is because we use very different styling in each shoot, breaking the barriers of our own tastes to experiment.

If it was just up to me all ensembles would be gothic/rockabilly/kitch/1950’s inspired with hime and lolita thrown in but my partner in crime introduces Victorian and European historical costume influences as well as a subtle traditional kimono elegance that I just don’t do at all! I think in this very niche area it is good to have contrasting styles as normally photographers and models have their own ideas we need to adhere too.

I have gone off on a tangent? Due to the rain I have slight kimono withdrawal as no one likes to be drowned in kimono!

I will de-ramble and start dressing up, even at home for pictures of my great new buys!

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