No one likes the stuff I do….

I never bid high for anything. Minimum bids only for me on eBay and I get a lot of stuff I love for $0.99 but I put in a starting bid of $9.99 for this kimono and thought…pffft…I will lose this one…but I didn’t. Comes to about £14 WITH full shipping costs.

Some of my $0.99 kimono are going through the crafting and conversion mill for my projects…kimono is an expanse of great usable fabric and when fabric is so expensive…

I am building up a collection of more subdued, classic looking kimono as all mine seem to err on the bright funky side and for photoshoots and events people like the traditional look quite often.

Kimono shopping is hard on-line and you need an eye for detail, condition and know what you are buying. Quite a lot of the time information is inaccurate through bad translation or ‘getting the sale’.

I should start a ‘kimono sourcing’ business as I am a demon kimono shopper but there is no call for such a person!

Purple/Grey Houmongi Kimono with Shibori

2 thoughts on “No one likes the stuff I do….”

    1. Well if you need an outfit for an event or project I can certainly help. All I do is stalk kimono sellers online and buy from Rakuten and Yahoo Japan.

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