Thinking about Oiran hair….

To cosplay as Oiran you need big hair. However, this big hair needs to be worn all day and also train worthy (for about 3 hours) so how can I achieve big hair that’s easy to manage?

For a while there I forget my old faithful…DREADLOCK EXTENTIONS!

Big hair and easy to manipulate. With all that volume I should be able to tie up my hair Oiran stylee. However, it will take me a week to extend my all hair (as I do it myself) so I will go with part extension, part hairpiece as here:


<a href=”” title=”Lost N Found Dreads by rubbergirls, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”375″ height=”500″ alt=”Lost N Found Dreads”></a>

and then bump the front, add my red wooden comb then add the hairpiece at the back. I can tie an obiage around the back hairpiece to round it off and part it at the top and then proceed to shove stuff in it.

I will probably buy myself a big red or black fake flower for the one side and I have some dangly kanzashi stick for the other. More of a Kimono Ageha/Cyber goth Oiran hair look!



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