Irregular Choice are Kimono Hime shoes

…oh yes they are and I have loved this brand for many many years. I think my first pair of irregular choice shoes I bought in Leicester while still a student!

Well, eBay daily deal served me well and even though I would have liked the purple or black pair better – I still have a lot of kimono ensembles that go with these:

New Kimono Shoes! eBay daily deal!

A lower heel for walking as well as a ‘complete’ shoe for the winter. I just need some white tights or frilly socks to match.

I also bought an irregular choice bag which I felt would be nice for kimono outings. I went for the blue and not pink as I have two pink bags now and don’t need more!

Irregular Choice Bag

So next year I won’t add kimono items to my collection, but will add a few choice accessories in the hime theme that will match my wafuku and yofuku days!

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