The count of shame…

I decided using the power of flickr to estimate the magnitude of my kimono collection:

Informal Kimono: 65
Formal Kimono: 30
Show/Demo Kimono: 18

Total Kimono count: 113!

Obi: 65
Obiage: 25
Obijime: 67!!!!
Geta/Zori: 10
Haori/Coats: 12

I have 6 odori fans and 6 date-eri as well as a few bags, kitsuke accessories and tabi.

So what does this tell me?

I have an obsession with obijime and shouldn’t have 67 of the damn things to 25 obiage! Thing is I gave away around 10 of my obijime from job lots that didn’t suit my colour palette so I have already thinned down my collection. (or so I thought)

I don’t need ANYTHING else. I wear kimono once a week at least and I can wear a different kimono and obi every time for a year.

A lot of peoples collections are mostly formal wear as they seem to be typically the most traditional looking. In the UK we are famous for being komon wearers for most part and only breaking out the tsukesage or furisode when someone gets married!

Have you counted up recently?

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